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Thank you for your interest in our properties! Please take 5 minutes to complete our Lease Application and submit your $65 fee online. Current Winkler tenants submitting a Lease Renewal or Lease Transfer Request application for August 2022 are NOT required to pay an application fee.

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I understand that I am applying for a specific bedroom within a rental unit. Therefore, the bedroom I lease is the bedroom I will incur charges for and the bedroom I must move into. I acknowledge that my lease will be created based on the bedroom I request in this application (pending availability) and if I choose to change my bedroom request after my lease has been created, the Landlord will collect a $50 fee for the additional time and labor associated with creation of a revised lease. I further acknowledge that I may not change bedrooms after signing the lease contract.*

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A Lease Guarantor is required of all Winkler Organization tenants, regardless of age or financial status. Please ensure that the contact information you provide is current and accurate.

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It is crucial that you provide accurate and up to date information regarding your lease guarantor. Inaccurate information, specifically an inactive email address, will cause delay of time sensitive communication to your guarantor, which may result in you or your group losing your preferred unit.

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Our Leasing Calendar

We are grateful that Winkler properties are in high demand. Our units lease quickly beginning in January for the upcoming August lease year — please get your application in early! Applications received during pre-leasing months (September-December) are put on a waiting list and will be contacted in January to begin the leasing process.

If submitting an application after January 1st, we recommend that you check the “View Available Units” tab on the Property page of your choice and call the office before applying to confirm availability. Please note that all units are reflected as “available” during our pre-leasing months of September-January and depending on current resident renewals, may not accurately reflect specific unit availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Pre-Leasing?

Pre-leasing is a waiting list that allows you and your group to be placed on the list for up to 4 of our properties.

  • Submit 1 Online Leasing application per Applicant
  • Pay a $65 non-refundable Application Fee (per applicant), which is required when submitting the application
  • All Application Fees are non-refundable

How Do I Fill Out A Pre-leasing Application?

Simple! Click the red ‘Apply Now’ button on your screen at any time!

The Leasing Application allows you to list yourself, along with the group of people you plan to live with. (If you do not have roommates and would like Winkler Organization to match you in a group, select “No Preferred Roommates” on the application.)

The first person in your group to apply must create a unique “Group Name” in order for us to match your group together. Each roommate must reference this name when applying.

As a group, decide which properties you are interested in leasing, and list the property names in order of preference. We will try our best to offer your first choice, based on availability. Leasing Applications will be filed on the waiting list by date and time it was received, and will be processed in that order. Incomplete Applications and unpaid Application Fees will not be processed.

Please be aware that we cannot place incomplete groups. All roommates must submit applications before we can offer your group a unit. It is in your best interest to ensure that you find an adequate number of roommates and that each roommate completes the leasing process within the allotted timeframe.

If you do not have an adequate number of preferred roommates to fill the number of bedrooms in your unit, The Winkler Organization may, at our discretion, place an applicant in your group in order to fill the unit. Pre- Leasing Groups with one or more current Winkler Organization tenants will be given priority over new applicants, and will be processed in order based on date and time received.

How Do I Find Out If My Choices Are Available?

Current tenants will receive renewal notices early during the leasing year. Current tenants will be given a set time period to decide whether to renew or transfer to another property within Winkler Organization.

After that time, Pre-Leasing Groups will be placed in their preferred properties, based on availability.

We will contact your group via text and email as soon as possible, to notify you of which property we can place your group. We are very busy during this time, so please be patient.

The Winkler Organization properties are highly desired, therefore time is of the essence. Please be aware that once we have offered you and your group (if applicable) a unit, the leasing process moves very quickly. You will be contacted via text and email of the property choice that has been offered to you and your group.

Upon reception of this notification, you will have 24 hours to accept (or decline) and electronically pay a non-refundable $250 Administrative Fee per roommate, in order to reserve the unit/bedroom we have offered you. This fee can be easily and securely paid via electronic bank draft from your checking account. Credit Card payments cannot be accepted at this time.

Once you have paid the Administrative Fee, you and your parent or legal guardian will be emailed a Lease and Lease Guarantee form that must be electronically signed and returned within 24 hours. You will also electronically pay your Security Deposit.

That’s it! Quick, secure, and all online.