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Move-In Inspection & Information

Welcome Home! We do our very best to provide you with a clean and repaired apartment, however we may have overlooked something.

This Move-In Inspection Form lists all the items in your unit including all furnishings and/or appliances. Do a walk-thru of your entire unit and carefully note the condition of each item listed. This form is very important as it gives us a record of the condition of the unit when you move in and could affect your security deposit settlement. The Sections below will guide you on your way as you begin your stay with The Winkler Organization.

Getting Started

If you feel that an item requires Maintenance Service, please submit a Service Issue via your Resident Portal Login Some examples of items requiring Maintenance Service would be a leaking faucet, clogged toilet, broken towel bar, etc. — items that need repaired or immediate attention. This Move In Inspection is for noting the condition of your unit upon Move In. Scratches in the floor or a dent in your refrigerator door, for instance, are items you would notate on the Move In Inspection, but would not be ‘repairable’ items requiring a Service Issue submission.

As per Section 9 ‘Occupancy’ of your lease, you may be moving into an occupied unit, and as such the room you will occupy may not have been cleaned, repaired or painted. By submitting this Move In Inspection, you are notifying us of the condition of the unit or individual room upon occupancy.

Be sure to enter the name of your Property, Unit Number and Bedroom Letter on the form. You are on an individual lease and are held solely responsible for your assigned Bedroom and Bathroom, and jointly responsible for the Common Areas. Please refer to your individual lease for your bedroom assignment, if unsure. Each bedroom’s assigned bedroom letter is posted above the bedroom door (in multi-bedroom units only). You may also visit our website to view a floor plan for your unit.

This form must be submitted to our office within 5 days of your Move-In. It is important that you include your cell phone number and email address at the end of the form so that we can contact you if necessary. You will also be required to enter your Driver License number to confirm identity. In the meantime, settle in and enjoy your new home!

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